Enhanced Monitoring and Planning of Network Infrastructure
with Remote Data Collection (AZ Remote)


This project investigates the enhancement of current data sources with data from new, commercially- or otherwise publicly-available data from remote sensors for better monitoring of transportation infrastructure. While current data sources are useful, they can be supplemented by a wide variety of data from new remote sensors, such as cell-phone signals, aerial images and video, and vehicle-based GPS signals when available. Such data can significantly enhance our understanding of infrastructure condition and the traffic patterns that lead to congestion on that infrastructure.

The three foci of this project are:

  •   Enhancing infrastructure monitoring using airborne imagery with other data sources;
  •   Using remotely collected data for developing better models for network planning and emergency operations; and,
  •   Developing tools and enhancing "enabling" technologies for airborne data collection.

With regard to the first focus, the project will develop and evaluate methods to fuse remotely sensed data with ground based data. In the second, it will use this data for better transportation planning and emergency management. The third focus is to make the technologies and tools developed affordable and accessible for commercial purposes.

AZ Remote
c/o ATLAS Center, University of Arizona and Arizona State University

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